18 Backyard Breeder Pups

We rescued 8 little toy breed dogs from a horrible backyard breeder situation in July. These dogs were living in a tiny yard filled with piles of feces and urine, and it looked like they had never had a bath or received proper veterinary care. There are still 10 more that we need to get out, and we can't do it alone! We'd like to find homes for all 8 of these pups before we go back for them, since right now we just don't have the space and attention these guys need. 

When we brought these pups, they had matted fur and were crawling with fleas. We got them professionally groomed, which completely changed many of them. Some of them looked like poodles because of their long and matted fur, but in reality, a few of them were little Spaniel or long haired chihuahua looking dogs! Chloe is one of them. 

One of the first pups we adopted out was Kiki, who went home just days after arriving at our shelter. She was one of the more confident ones, and she had an adorable little face that was part grey and part white! She's doing amazing at home and getting along very well with their little poodle girl at home.

For the others, it's taken a little more time and guidance. Lots of these dogs have had little socialization and are scared of being held and approached by people. We've been working with them to increase their confidence, and we even took a little 5 year old gray poodle named Sophie out to a grocery store to help show her what life looks like outside of a tiny cemented yard with 18 dogs in it. A few other pups include Zoe and Nelly, who are also slowly learning that we're here to help them. 

We're continually working with these dogs to help get them to full confidence! Updates will be posted.