Sable and Turbo

Sable and Turbo are two beautiful Husky / Shepherd mixes who were rescued from Tijuana, Mexico in April of 2018 and came to our shelter in early May. When they were rescued, they were emaciated, sickly, thin, skittish, and very timid. Sable had been living on a chain for her whole life, and she was so thin that her ribs showed when she was rescued. Sable had multiple puppies, but the others were taken by locals before we could get to them. We hope and pray that the puppies are living a good life, but often times, the cycle doesn't end unless they are spayed and neutered and find perfect, forever homes. 

After arriving at our shelter, Sable and Turbo were a little timid towards people and Turbo was nowhere near the weight of a normal 3-4 month old puppy and only weighed a little over 10 pounds. His development was stunted by the lack of milk from Sable, and we think they were starving in TJ. Turbo was crawling with fleas and had a few ticks on him when he came in, but after a few baths from our volunteers and lots of food and nourishment, they turned around. Soon enough, they warmed up to us. We got them vaccinated, dewormed, and spayed and neutered, and they were ready to go to their homes. 

Around the same time we took in Sable and Turbo, a beautiful dog named Annie was rescued along with her little terrier puppies. She and all but one of her puppies were adopted, so that left Oscar, a tan little terrier, on his own. We put Oscar in with Sable and Turbo, and they immediately accepted him into the family. We've included some photos of Turbo and Oscar playing with each other.

Turbo and Oscar were adopted soon after into incredible homes, and Sable was adopted at an adoption event we attended after being at our shelter for a couple of weeks. 

We're so lucky to be able to rescue beautiful, loving dogs and find them homes that'll provide them years of happiness for the rest of their lives. We see many dogs who have never been loved before, and we're so lucky to be able to do what we do.