Community Fundraisers

Help us help animals by hosting and creating fundraisers in support of Volunteers in Defense of Animals! There are many ways to fundraise, but these are just a few:

restaurant fundraisers

Many chain restaurants and food spots have programs that allow individuals to create fundraisers for an organization of your choice! These restaurants will set aside a certain time for your fundraiser, and anyone who comes in with a flyer or lets the cashier know that they're here to support a fundraiser will be a part of this contribution! This is a great idea for a Gold Award Girl Scout project or a fundraiser for school clubs to do. Some places that donate a portion of their sales include Yogurtland, Chipotle, Panda Express, Ten Ren's Tea Time, and California Pizza Kitchen. If you're interested in creating a fundraiser in our honor, please contact us here

school fundraisers

School fundraisers could include anything from selling drinks at Open House, selling food during Back-To-School Night, or even bracelets at a school event! There are many ways to start up a fundraiser and support us on our mission. Remember, every cent that is donated goes towards rescuing more animals, giving them medical care, and spaying and neutering hundreds of animals each month. 

donation drives

If you'd like to start a donation drive at your workplace, daycare, business, or school, that's a great way to help us! We always welcome donations of any form, but you can see our donation wishlist for some ideas. Anything from old blankets, towels, toys, or even simple cleaning supplies can help us a lot! Your donations go directly towards the amazing animals in our care. 

garage sales

Dedicate a weekend to setting up a garage sale! This is a great idea for anyone who lives on a busy street or in a neighborhood that has lots of active people. With your garage sale, consider donating a portion of your sales from that weekend to our rescue! It's a great way to attract more people, and an even better way to clear the clutter from your home while benefitting our rescue at the same time. All monetary donations are tax deductible! 

Bake sales

Create a bake sale at your school or somewhere where you're sure to attract lots of people and donate a portion to our rescue! Remember, $100 can help spay/neuter about 10 dogs and cats through the international spay / neuter initiatives we support. Every little bit counts! 

water bottle collection

Dedicate a week or two to collecting as many water bottles as you possibly can, and get lots of help from your fiends and family. You can also talk to some of your favorite teachers and encourage them to give extra credit for every 50 bottles collected by each student, or just have them spread the word and leave a box in every classroom. Lots of us must have piles of bottles in the garage ready to be recycled for 5 cents each, and this is a great way to help cleanup our community and reduce plastic pollution! This is also a great idea if you're going to a sporting event or a concert - get a crew of people and collect as many bottles as you can that people have scattered around after the event!