Frequently Asked Questions about VIDA Rescue

Volunteers in Defense of Animals is a Southern California based rescue that saves dogs from other rescues, high-kill animal control centers, and from the streets. Our adoption center is located in Rowland Heights (also known as La Puente, CA), but we adopt out to many areas in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino areas. Dogs and cats can even be adopted out of state, and we'll send the pup or kitty by air to you!

Our shelter was started up in 2015 and we've been increasing the scope of our rescue more and more. We are not government funded, so we depend greatly on your help! 

Our Shelter

1.) How many animals do you have at the shelter? 

We're almost always at full capacity and will keep the pups and cats until we find a perfect forever home. We almost always have 20-30 VIDA dogs and 2-5 VIDA cats. We also house animals from other rescues like Saving Gizmo.

2.) How often are animals adopted?

We often get about 2-5 adoptions a week and send dogs and cats home on trial periods if their adopters want to see how they do at home. We want to ensure that we place our rescues in the best homes possible, so we always wait for a perfect application to come along. 

3.) Where do the animals come from? 

We rescue many dogs and cats from our network partners, from the streets of Mexico, hoarding situations, backyard breeders, from high-kill animal control centers, other rescues, and more. 

4.) What happens to animals when they're taken in at the shelter?

We provide lots of care and love for all dogs and cats until they can find their forever homes. We may not be gifted with a beautiful, large, well-constructed adoption center, but the space that we have for these animals can save lives! We're a little different than other shelters because we want to see these dogs happy before they go to their new homes, so we allow volunteers to take them out into the world and explore new places! We have a large team of volunteers that take the dogs out on walks, day trips, feed them, bathe them, brush them, keep their areas clean, and are given lots of love. The cats stay in the Cattery, where there's a big bed and everything looks like a home environment, and they get lots of love, toys, and attention from our volunteers. We're also lucky to be able to feed our dogs and cats high quality dog foods like Blue Buffalo and I And Love And You, thanks to our donors!

5.) What can I do to help? 

There are many ways to help and support us! Even something as simple as coming in for a day to walk a dog or posting something on social media could attract more potential and adopters to our rescue. We also have many volunteer opportunities and ways to give, which can be found in the other tabs at the top of the page.