Kitten Care

Kittens are amongst the most vulnerable animals that come into shelters, and it's important for us to find good foster homes for them, especially when they're young! At the moment, we're only able to take in kittens who are older than 5-6 weeks and ones that are weaned, but hopefully with more fosters, we'll be able to rescue neonatal kittens who need bottle feedings and a little more care and attention. 

Help! I've found abandoned kittens!

If you've found some kittens, be sure to first make sure that the mom isn't around. Moms are the best at raising kittens, and sometimes if it looks like you've found abandoned kittens, it may just mean mom is out to find food. If there's a chance that mom is still around, be sure to observe the litter. If the mom doesn't come back after a little while, take the kittens in and be sure to keep them hydrated and warm. Never feed kittens cow milk, and always be careful with the little guys, especially if they're tiny. 

Once the kittens are hydrated, search for a local rescue that often takes in young kittens. Sometimes, we'll be able to take in a few kittens, but at other times we're full! Be sure to send us an email here if you've found kittens, just in case we've got space. If you're able to foster the kittens until they're 8 weeks, old we'd be happy to provide you with all the supplies you need! If you'd like a kennel or pen to keep them in so they're not running all over the house, we can also provide them for you. You'll need to bring the kittens in for their first round of shots, photos, and get their microchips if they're big enough. All of our kittens are spayed and neutered when they reach their ideal age. 

Fostering Kittens

Whether you're fostering kittens that you've found or you want to foster kittens that are currently living at our shelter, you're in the right place! 

It's very important for little kittens to be in foster homes, especially when they're small and are learning the most from their environment. Kittens who are raised without human interaction often become cats who aren't too keen about people touching them, but kittens who are held and comforted by people from an early age are much more friendly and loving towards people. Although this time period isn't the only factor in how friendly a cat is, it's a crucial time frame for kittens to learn about how great humans can be. 


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